Studying Paul’s Missionary Journeys as outlined in Acts, can help us better understand our own mission. Join Rev. Dr. Ken Schurb and spend six weeks traveling alongside Paul as he spreads the Gospel. Click the link below to join this daily study!

The Book of Acts is a real-life look at the apostles’ work to spread the Good News that they had witnessed. Paul’s mission to spread the Gospel was monumental, trusting the Holy Spirit to guide him to lands that had never witnessed Christianity. He knew that God would lead him to those who needed to hear His Word and Truth the most.

Right now, people everywhere need to hear the Good News as much as they did during Paul’s time. That’s why Concordia Publishing House is offering this FaithCourse®, Bringing the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth: Paul’s Missionary Journeys, for free!

Join Rev. Dr. Ken Schurb for this first-ever synchronous Bible study, starting May 4 through Friday, June 12, with this free CPH FaithCourse. With animated maps that truly encompass the geographical and historical context of Paul’s journeys, Rev. Dr. Schurb will take everyone in this Bible study through the Book of Acts, following Paul to the ends of the earth in his proclamation of the Good News.

This study of Paul’s missionary journeys is easy to use, understand, and study as an individual or as a group. There are discussions guides for pastors and Bible study leaders to use during your weekly gatherings to guide your online study. Once you sign up, the study will be delivered to your inbox or preferred podcast player every day, Monday through Friday, during the duration of the study for you to join in. 


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