Sunday School is Back!

Beginning March 7, 2021 children’s Sunday School will resume with classes available for children ages 3 and up. We are unable to provide childcare for children under 3 at this time. If you plan to bring your children to Sunday School, please pre-register so that we know how many participants to expect and can properly prepare for the group. Click here to pre-register:

In keeping with the protocols in place for our day school students, we will have a check-in area in the Parish Hall lobby for Sunday School students with temperature checks. Parents should remain with their children in the lobby until the Sunday School teachers arrive. Teachers will escort students to their class area. Children aged 3 to 3rd grade will meet in the Extended Care room. Children grades 4 through 8 will meet in the Cafeteria. Children will be escorted back to the Parish Hall Lobby at the time of Adult Bible Class dismissal. Children will be discussing emotions and how God created us, in His image, to be feeling creatures.

Sunday School Lessons and Videos


Click on the links below to view Sunday School lesson sheets and videos. Each video shares an Arch Book that connects with the lesson of the week. The lesson link provides activities and guidance for reviewing the lesson at home as a family.

June 7 Sunday School Video

June 7 Sunday School Lesson


May 31 Sunday School Video

May 31 Sunday School Lesson


May 24 Sunday School Video

May 24 Sunday School Lesson


May 17 Sunday School Video

May 17 Sunday School Lesson


May 10 Sunday School Video

May 10 Sunday School Lesson


May 3 Sunday School Video

May 3 Sunday School Lesson


April 19 Sunday School Video

April 19 Sunday School Lesson


April 12 (Easter) Sunday School Video

April 12 (Easter) Sunday School Lesson


April 5 (Palm Sunday) Sunday School Video

April 5 (Palm Sunday) Sunday School Lesson Sheets


March 29 Sunday School Video

March 29 Sunday School Lesson Sheets


March 22 Sunday School Video

March 22 Sunday School Lesson Sheets


Sunday School at Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church offers Sunday School classes for children 3 years old through high school.

Sunday School takes place at our school campus from 9:30 – 10:15 am each Sunday. Parents are encouraged to attend the Adult Bible Class which takes place at the same time. Childcare for children under 3 years old is offered for parents who would like to attend Adult Bible Class.

Wondering why you and your family should consider making Sunday School and Adult Bible Class part of your Sunday routine?
Click here to find out!


Enduring Faith

Trinity’s Sunday School program uses the Enduring Faith curriculum, which follows a same-age classroom model so students learn and grow in faith alongside their peers. There they explore the Bible and learn more about God’s plan for their earthly and eternal lives.

Each week, every Sunday School grade level studies the same Bible story in age-appropriate ways. This allows families to discuss the Sunday School topic with children of every age. A family page is also sent home each week, giving parents the opportunity to read the lesson as it was presented and talk with their children about what they have learned.

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